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Scruggs video after second guilty plea

Posted by paulquinn on February 11, 2009

A Youtube video of Richard Dickie Scruggs leaving the courthouse in an oraange jump-suit after he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to an additional 7 years.  The Scruggs youtube video also shows excerpts from a press conferance with U.S. Attorney Jim Greenlee, and FBI Assisstant Special Agent Wilfred Rattigan. 

In my question regarding immunity, I have heard one of the suspects in “Scruggs II” was offered an immunity deal to talk about his role in the bribe. 


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NPR talks with Boyer on Scruggs

Posted by paulquinn on June 29, 2008

NPR sits with The New Yorker writer Peter Boyer about Dickie Scruggs’ history, the case that made him bribe and the bribe itself.  Boyer wrote a profile of Scruggs in the May 19 issue of The New Yorker. He gives his own insight into Scruggs based on his research.

Here is the NPR recording.


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Scruggs news: updates from a tired reporter

Posted by paulquinn on June 17, 2008

Recently while exploring the web I discovered Judge Henry Lackey won an award in his home town. The Calhoun County Journal Online reported Lackey received the Tom Cole City Spirit Award.

Donna Cole had this to say about Lackey:

“This past year the judge exhibited amazing courage by upholding the law of the land,” Cole said. “His actions raised the standard for his peers, showed the country that Mississippi does do right, and set an example for each of us, young and old, to follow.” 

More updates on this in the future.

Sentencing for Richard Scruggs is set for 10 a.m. Friday June 27 at the Oxford Federal Courthouse. Later that day Sidney Backstrom will be sentenced.

Something I have been wondering about is Backstrom’s objection to the pre-sentencing report.  If he plans to argue the benefit of the bribe is indeterminable, and the judge should only take into account the $50,000 when sentencing, how does this effect Scruggs’ sentencing hearing? It occurs before Backstrom’s and if the judge rules “yes only $50,000” how does he go back and re-sentence Scruggs? Does it even matter?

Zach Scruggs sentencing date will be on July 2 at 10 a.m.

We are still awaiting sentencing dates for Tim Balducci and Steve Patterson.

I have been trying to find any recent news regarding the investigation into Judge Bobby Delaugter and and former Hinds County D.A. Ed Peters, does anybody out there know anything?

I assume Joey Langston, who pleaded guilty in January to influencing Delaughter, won’t be sentenced until the DeLaughter/Peters investigation is complete.

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Scruggs news: co-conspirator says too much money

Posted by paulquinn on June 12, 2008

Sideny Backstrom has objected to the pre-sentencing report written by U.S. probation services. An objection filed Thursday said there is no way for Judge Neal Biggers to know how much money, if any, the Scruggs Law Firm, and those guilty of attempted bribery, stood to gain.

The Clarion-Ledger ran an AP story Thursday which said:

“Backstrom also objects to the report’s conclusion that the defendants’ “net benefit” from bribing Lackey was $5.3 million — or one-fifth of the $26.5 million in fees from a mass settlement of Hurricane Katrina insurance lawsuits.

Other lawyers who had worked with Scruggs on the settlement sued him for a greater share of the fees. Prosecutors claim Scruggs, his son, Backstrom and Balducci conspired to pay Lackey $40,000 in exchange for an order that would have sent that lawsuit to arbitration.
Backstrom argues that $40,000, not $5.3 million, is the amount that U.S. District Judge Neal Biggers should use to calculate a sentence in the criminal case.
“It does seem a bit harsh that they have chosen the amount of the dispute rather than the amount of the bribe,” said Dane Ciolino, a law professor at Loyola University in New Orleans who reviewed the probation officials’ report.
Ciolino said the judge isn’t bound by the report’s conclusions or the sentencing guidelines, but he added, “As a practical matter, they still do follow them.”
The bribe was an attempt to have the case sent to arbitration, not for a ruling in how to split the $26.5 million. The difference between the two is huge when a judge looks at the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, which are rules a judge generally follow when sentencing someone. There hasn’t been a response filed by the govt.

I imagine if the judges agrees with Backstrom, Dickie Scruggs, Tim Balducci, and Steve Patterson would all benefit. Scruggs son Zach pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of not reporting the illeagal activity.

Other issues at stake our weather Backstrom acted in a managerial role by directing bag-man Balducci during the course of the bribe. Backstrom is saying he was a go between and never told Balducci what to do.

The conents of the actual pre-sentence report hasn’t been made public.

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