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Posted by paulquinn on August 7, 2008

I’ve never written a sports post before, however I’d like to try something new. So here I go.

Yesterday I went out and watched the Rebels practice for the first time in full pads.  There were promising signs, however they still have a lot to prove.

As a native Texan and Longhorn fan I took a special interest in Jevan Snead. The sophomore starting QB who transferred from the University of Texas.

During passing drills Snead threw tight spirals and was hitting his receivers on the mark. At one point he completed five in a row. The back-up, Billy Tapp, did not fair so well. Laughter came from fans after his passes looked more like a junior high QB threw them. 

Snead had the quick feet everybody talks about too. His five step drop and scrambling were minimal, but when he did use his feet they were as quick as the hype has lead on. 

These quick feet will come in handy if our offensive line doesn’t pick up the pace. My friends and I got what we hoped for when the 11 on 11 scrimage started; however after watching the O-line break down every time our hopes turned to dread for the season starting in three weeks. 

Some older alumni sitting down in front of us noted, “Snead didn’t have much time to throw did he?” Seems like Ole Miss biggest downfall the last three seasons may re-surface again this year if Nutt doesn’t get the big boys in the trenches into shape.

Another popular prospect to watch was Jerrell Powe, the sophomore defensive tackle who has fought the NCAA for the last three years to gain eligibility.  Powe, 6-2 340, looked like a monster and was quick off the line. After three years out of pads, Powe  was ready to take out some pinned up aggression on whoever lined up in front of him. I am excited to see how he pans out.

All-in-all the Rebels looked good and excited to practice. I just don’t know if the O-line is going to be our downfall, of if Snead is going to be quick enough to make something happen.


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