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More on letters written for Zach Scruggs

Posted by paulquinn on July 2, 2008

(Thanks to Tom Freeland a.k.a NMC at folo for the tip)

Zach Scruggs was sentence to 14 months behind bars Wednesday despite 10 more letters written on Zach Scruggs behalf; including one from Zach Scruggs Aunt Patricia Lott, wife of former U.S. senator Trent Lott.  Click here for quotes published in the Clarion Ledger.

Some more from Lott.

Patricia Lott: “Even as a young boy, he always had impeccable manners. Having two children myself, I was impressed with the job his parents had done.”

“He has a good group of friends who enjoy and love Zach because he is the same Zach they have always known.”

“Now is the time that he is needed to help with his mother who has been desperately ill with Crohns disease and is recovering from a stroke.”

Letters from friends and co-workers of Zach requesting leniency were also written.

J. Baron Barry Mcllwain: “Its no secret Zach’s father became very wealthy when Zach was a teenager. While this might have been difficult for some youngsters to handle, Zach remained attentive and loyal to all his family and acquaintances.”

Carson Hughes, chief executive officer for Telepax Inc., a parent company of Cellular South wrote in:
“I can only speculate as to the added self imposed pressure upon Zach to not disclose an act of another that most certainly would have led to the implication of his own father, at least, for his father’s failure to also disclose.”

Mississippi attorney and former Scruggs Law Firm associate Charles Mickal
“Zach regularly asked my advice on ethical issues he confronted in his practice, seeking guidance on how to best his ethical obligation.”
“In the circumstance (Zach) made an error in judgment, Apostle Paul wrote to Romans, ‘for all have sinned, and come short of the glory of god.’ Romans 3 23.”
“And Zach is paying a heavy price for his mistake, not only the public embarrassment he and his family are enduring, but also the loss of his privilege to practice law.”

Jesse Mitchell III says Zach was his mentor while working in Scruggs firm. Says Zach taught him life lessons and is wise beyond his years.
“He is very much a hard worker who leads by example. That’s why he has been torn apart by his actions and the pain that he has caused the profession that he loves and worked so hard in.”
“I have had the opportunity to meet with him on several occasions and every time he whole-heatedly apologizes for any embarrassment that he may have caused me as a friend and as an aspiring lawyer.”

Close friend Brad Grantham wrote: Weather its dinner plans or flying us down to the beach, “Zach is trustworthy, when Zach tells you he is going to do something he does it.” 

There are 10 letters total, and because of time I was only able to pull a few quotes from each. Zach Scruggs’ lawyer says they will be filing a request to allow him to stay out of jail until his child is born in October.



One Response to “More on letters written for Zach Scruggs”

  1. Alex said

    I don’t even know what to stay about this whole situation anymore. It all makes me so sad. Interesting how one decision can change a person’s entire life.

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