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Ole Miss’s racial past documented

Posted by paulquinn on June 10, 2008

Ole Miss deals with race almost every year. Last semester it was rumble in the circle, when six female student’s escalating dispute resulted in a box cutter fight captured on youtube.

Here is a comment left on the DM’s story. Stan Jones wrote:

” As a proud Ole Miss alum, let me be the first to say way to represent our fine institution with class and grace….

They may do this type of garbage at Memphis State or at Alcorn, but it has no place here. A boxcutter??…hope they stick you under the jail?

Alcorn State and Memphis State are predominately black schools

In fall 2007 The DM’s Nicole Spinuzzi wrote about freshman Jeremiah Taylor being pushed down the stairs of the Deke house after being told there was a “racial rush list.”

Deke’s were eventually suspended.

While other racial incidents have happened since 2002, this next story, which appeared in Campus Report, a news service where “articles focus on three issues: the exploitation of the classroom or university resources to indoctrinate students; discrimination against students, faculty or administrators based on political or academic beliefs; and campus violations of free speech,” is an interesting look at what happened when several black students wrote racial slurs on some dorm room doors.

Sara Russo writes:

“When obscene and racist slurs were found scrawled on the dormitory doors of several black students at the University of Mississippi, administrators at the school wasted no time convening tolerance meetings and suggesting that federal hate crimes charges might be brought against the perpetrators. The national news media rushed to cover the story. One month later, when it was discovered that the graffiti artists were three black students, the University failed to file criminal charges against the culprits and penalized them with probation, community service, and research papers.”

The list could go on but I don’t want to be here all day.


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