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Mississippi Mud- A book review

Posted by paulquinn on June 7, 2008

*Contains no “spoiler” only plot hints made obvious by the author from the start of his book*

When a Biloxi judge and his mayoral candidate wife were killed in the 1980’s the Mississippi Gulf Coast was in the clutches of one of the worst mafias to grace our United States; or, at least that’s how award winning author Edward Humes portrays the Dixie Mafia in his 1994 masterpiece Mississippi Mud.

Humes’ non-fiction tale reads more like a James Lee Burke murder mystery than a factual account from the Pulitzer Prize winning author and reporter. Mississippi Mud is a serious whodunnit mystery eventually leading to arrests of Biloxi’s most well-known and liked men.  Humes writes about the last co-conspirator to go down in a final online chapter.

The book follows the life of orphaned daughter, Lynne Sposito, who turned investigator as she tracked down her parent’s murderers, receiving death threats and dealing with troubled teenagers along the way.

Understanding why Sposito’s parents were killed is essential to figuring out who killed the former criminal defense lawyer turned judge and his wife. Both lived lives conducive to making enemies.  

A picture of Biloxi and its seedy underworld where gambling, prostitution, drug-deals, and murder-for-hires occur while the police turn blind eyes for the right price, is painted by Humes in the second book of his 325 page four-part page turner. 

A career criminal who couldn’t catch a break on the outside manages to make millions of dollars scamming unsuspecting homosexuals from inside Angola Penitentiary in Louisiana. The why, the how, and the criminal’s defense in court warrant a full length novel; however, the book is a most scandalous murder mystery with twists and turns that don’t end untill the final online chapter.

How does every crime drama end? In court. And in true dramatic form the murder case against five co-conspirators unfolds at the end of Mississippi Mud. Old-fashion, high-priced Mississippi defense attorneys versus the Federal Government, who were determined they couldn’t win the unprecedented, seemingly outlandish case.   

If you’re wary Mississippi Mud will only entertain us “Mississippi folk” you’ll miss out on a fascinating enjoyable read any crime novel reader-mystery scandal solver-mafia lover-court room drama expert-southern history buff-aspiring investigative journalist would love.  


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