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Scruggs book deal struck

Posted by paulquinn on June 4, 2008

Ole Miss professor Curtis Wilkie was recently awarded a contract to write a book about Dickie Scruggs, Wilkie said.

Wilkie would not reveal more information about writing the book. I am awaiting reply from his agent for more details.

A 1963 journalism graduate of Ole Miss Wilkie has worked for the Clarksdale Press Register before becoming a national correspondent for the Boston Globe.

biography on an Ole Miss Web page says:

“He covered eight presidential campaigns (seven for the Globe), served as White House correspondent 1977-82, was named chief of the Globe’s Middle East bureau and lived in Jerusalem 1984-87. He later was chief of a Southern bureau in New Orleans, 1993-2000.”

After Scruggs won nearly a billion dollars Wilkie covered a fee dispute between Scruggs and other attorneys. 

Wilkie has written one book Dixie (2001) and coauthored two, Arkansas Mischief (1998) and City Adrift(2007).  


7 Responses to “Scruggs book deal struck”

  1. wbnero said

    Oh people who think that’s not news can shove it. I better hurry up and read Curtis’s other book. I hope I get him as a teacher again when I come back in the Spring. His classes are so dreamy … like story time. He’s so wise and cool. One of the few journalism professors I admire.

  2. […] you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!According to the blog of Daily Mississippian journalist Paul Quinn, Quinn  has been told by Curtis Wilkie that Curtis has contracted to write a Scruggs book.  […]

  3. ccvz said

    I was fortunate enough to have the first chapter (that wasn’t complete at the time) dictated in summary while in Oxford during Double Decker – it sounds intriguing! I think this will be a goodie.

  4. paulquinn said

    If you search curtis wilkie scruggs book on google an interesting link pops up on the end of the page. link title Publisher’s Lunch Deluxe: Lunch weekly for Monday June 2 pops up and says, “…. for The Boston Globe Curtis Wilkie’s KING OF TORTS, the story of Dickie Scruggs, … Looks like we now know what Wilkie’s book might be. Is it going to be a Dickie Scruggs biography? Hmmmm?

  5. John said

    Hola. You’ve made it on our blogroll. Woot.

  6. paulquinn said

    Here is more confirmation on the book and its title from a Boston Globe blog.

  7. alyssa said

    I did a story on the guy and both he and his agent said the King of Torts is only a “working title” and not the actual title. But I guess they could decide to keep it eventually.

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