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Oxford has strange housing

Posted by paulquinn on May 8, 2008

Tomorrow a family from Virginia is paying $800 to stay in my house for the weekend, a price less than other places (not as nice or close to the square as mine). There weren’t any hotels in Oxford and they have an 85-year-old Grandma coming to watch her granddaughter walk across the stage.

Much of the money is going into general house repairs.  A massive clean-up has ensued since the guest made their reservation, an all around good situation.

But is Oxford housing all it’s cracked up to be?

Anywhere you look there is a new townhouse or Condo going up. Causing problems as Willow Nero’s DM story tells.

“More than 50 percent of the nurses at Baptist Memorial Hospital live outside of Lafayette County, some because it’s their preference and others because nothing in their price range was available in Oxford.”

Oxford Mayor Richard Howorth wishes city workers could afford to live here because their services would be better. 

“We need to have our teachers and our policemen living in our neighborhoods, knowing their neighbors and having their neighbors know them because a community simply functions better when the people who work in it live together,” Howorth said.

Willow’s story was a three part series. The second tells causes why city workers can’t afford Oxford.

Her last piece is about possible solutions.

She quotes Howorth saying:

“Government can’t always provide the solutions to the source of problems,” he said. “People will often think government is the know-all, end-all, be-all, omniscient, omnipotent power that can fix all problems, and I believe government is limited in the sorts of things it can do. Certainly, local governments are.”

Solutions are easy enough through gov’t action. The town could raise muny workers salaries, encourage less building, or annex more of the county.  

I hope something happens to quell the problem, Any other suggestions?



3 Responses to “Oxford has strange housing”

  1. wbnero said

    Tool. Stealing my lead. J/k Anyway, it’s highly interesting that you admit to this whole weekend home rental deal. In case you didn’t read my story … it’s illegal. Your name is on this blog, no? And I’m sure important people know where you live. But I guess nobody is interested in persecuting for renting one’s house to people who can’t find a hotel.

  2. paulquinn said

    Persecute me? Maybe they will expel me from Oxford and not let me back in for 40 years. I’ll have to part the Tallahatchie River just to prove I am worthy.
    I guess I am worried they might prosecute me.

  3. wbnero said

    Sorry. Sometimes it’s hard to get the right word. I kept sitting here debating which one it was. Obvs I should have m-w-ed that shit. But yeah, I was like, I know those signs at pools where they persecute/prosecute people for trespassing, but which is it? Which is it? Does it even really matter? I mean, persecute can mean to harass or punish. Essentially the same.

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