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Shep Smith in a cap and gown?

Posted by paulquinn on May 7, 2008

In Friday’s Daily Mississippian I reported that Shepard Smith was to give the commencement speech at this years graduation.

I have always heard Mr. Smith did not actually graduate from Ole Miss, rather he left before earning an undergraduate degree. And whoever wrote his wikipedia page seems to think so as well.

Clearly from his success at Fox News he did not need to get his last credits. I do, however, wonder if he was the best choice for this years ceremony. What will his message be to those who have not yet graduated, or those still in high school? You can go to college but you don’t need to finish?

As I have heard he failed to obtain the proper number of foreign language credits to graduate, a common downfall for students. While he has had tremendous success since leaving Ole Miss should the university be honoring him? Students should not get the idea they can do all degree requirements except a few and be OK.

In today’s world a BA is nearly equivalent to a high school diploma. Obtaining some type of graduate degree is necessary for the type of success Mr. Smith has acquired.

Some people like Mr. Smith are lucky and were able to rise high, but in reality not getting a degree means many hardships. I for one feel the university should have hired a speaker who rose the ranks the hard way, lots of schooling then years of hard work in the real world.

Mr. Smith could give graduates a sense of false hope that they too will get lucky and land their dream job, but as most people know this just doesn’t happen.

I do not know if Mr. Smith will wear a cap and gown, it seems likely he will. I always thought wearing graduation garb was a privilege for those with actual degrees. I guess he could wear his high school cap and gown. Does anybody know the standard for non graduates putting on the garb?


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