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Hello world!

Posted by paulquinn on April 1, 2008

Hello world,

My name is Paul Quinn and I am junior at The University of Mississippi. I am an English major with minors in journalism and political science. I also write for the schools paper The Daily Mississippian. This past semester I spent many hours covering The federal case US v Scruggs. In doing so I became hooked on blogs such as and David Rossmiller’s I realized that blogging can be a form of journalism, a way to break news faster and give insight into what happened, so I decided to start this blog.

I plan on writing on crime in Oxford Mississippi as well as other interesting events that happen while investigating (to me or my colleagues). Other topics may include the real estate market in Oxford, restaurants in an around the city, Mississippi politics, literature or just funny/interesting things I see or hear.

I encourage comments and love criticism. I am not the best writer out there and tend to make silly grammatical error. This blog is to tell people what I think might be important but also to improve my writing ability, so please feel free to say what you want.

I want to hear suggestions on topics to write about so if you have please let me know.

Thank you,

Paul Quinn


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